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Speeding and Traffic Ticket Warrants in Louisiana

In Louisiana, any magistrate or judge who believes an offense was committed may issue a warrant. There are essentially two types of warrants: one for the arrest of a specific person, and the second for searching a particular place for specific items. The “probable cause” can sometimes be defined as missing a court date, a forgotten traffic ticket, or just avoided the law. Whatever the circumstance, you need professional assistance in clearing a warrant from your name.

You Could Still Have a Warrant Out for Your Arrest

A speeding or traffic ticket warrant can remain years after the incident, when it is long gone from your memory. However, warrants remain valid, and are often served at inopportune moments, such as a visit to city hall, during a routine traffic stop, or perhaps at your place of business. Leaving Louisiana is not a solution – The Fugitive Warrant Department of the State Law Enforcement Center also detains violators in other states.

If you are served a warrant at the end of the week, a long weekend in jail can result – all of which is not necessary. Greg Gouner can assist you in permanently clearing your warrant and help you to understand the seriousness of them and assist in any other matters pertaining to them.

What You Can Do If You Have a Speeding or Traffic Ticket Warrant

Sometimes it is a case of mistaken identity, or perhaps the warrant was not valid in the first place, or remained active even after you settled the court matter. When told there is a warrant for your arrest, about the only thing you can do on your own is check to make sure they have your correct legal name and address. If these are not full and correct, they may have the wrong person. Warrants are presented by mistake to people at mistaken addresses, and sometimes to someone with a very similar or identical name.

Warrants are specific legal documents, and must be correct. Always read a search warrant to make sure the specifics are correct. Other than making sure they have the right information, cooperate fully and call for legal help. Greg Gouner has over 25 years of experience helping people clear their speeding ticket and traffic warrants in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, and can help you.

Get Legal Representation for Your Case

If you suspect there is a traffic warrant out for your arrest in Baton Rouge, you can contact local law enforcement authorities to find out, but they will usually make you come in. If they find a warrant, they will hold you in custody. The best advice is to speak with an attorney immediately to discuss your rights and legal responsibility. Schedule an appointment with the law office of Greg Gouner today to discuss your case.