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Louisiana Speeding Ticket & Traffic Violation FAQ

If you want to fight your ticket on your own, you will likely spend hours upon hours in court and will often have to go to court two or three separate times just for the trial. For those who have nothing but time on their hands this may not be so bad, but for the rest of us who consider our time to be valuable, this is not a cost-effective way to handle a Louisiana traffic ticket.

Most people who try on their own either end up pleading guilty or are found guilty after a trial lasting less than 10 minutes. Then, to add insult to injury, the judge usually adds courts costs and levies a higher fine.

This is a big mistake. A lot of people think that if they just send the money in it will all be over. However, the town or city will report it to your home DMV. This results in points or flags on your driver’s license, higher insurance rates, and sometimes even a suspension of your driver’s license. Hiring an attorney can stop this from happening and save you the trouble of a court appearance.

Most of the time, the Judge continues the case and you get to come back and wait another day. In most courts, the failure of the cop to appear only means extra inconvenience for you. Then, frustrated, many people pay the fine not to come back.

Not really. You were still speeding. If the Judge believes you, he will knock a few miles off the speed and find you guilty anyway. But you were speeding.

Just about everyone the police pull over is guilty of some technical violation. Traffic tickets are the kinds of charges that can usually be amended down to non-moving citations or can be dismissed entirely if properly handled.

Thanks to the Interstate Compact, states cooperate with each other to collect ticket and traffic fines. Regardless of where you live, if you pay the charge outright, the Louisiana DMV will report it to your home state.

Most of the time, yes. Insurance companies are always looking for new ways to raise people’s rates. Depending on what you are charged with, your premium could go up by as much as 40%. Hiring an attorney to fight the ticket is the only time-effective way to minimize the chances of the ticket getting reported in rate increases.

Nearly all people who get a traffic ticket plead guilty. This is a mistake. Pleading guilty to a traffic charge can mean higher insurance rates and points against your driver’s license. Just sending in a payment may be a mistake that will cost thousands in increased insurance premiums.

There are several defenses that an attorney can assert which may be difficult for you to prove on your own, such as whether the radar machine was properly calibrated and the whether the officer issuing the citation was properly qualified to operate the device.

There are dozens of potential ways to beat a speeding charge. The machine must be properly calibrated. The angle of the officer’s unit to your car can make a tremendous difference; stationary objects such as trees and buildings can register speed readings if the machine is misused.

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The only evidence on these charges is the word of the officer. Unfortunately, this is usually enough for a conviction if you go it alone. Most moving violations such as this will be dismissed or adjusted if you hire an attorney.

Careless or Reckless Operation is a serious traffic charge often given in connection with an accident. If you plead guilty to the traffic charge, you may be admitting fault for the accident. Other times police will give the charge as an add-on to another traffic charge. Paying this charge will almost certainly cause your insurance rates to go up considerably. Like most traffic charges, this can usually be kept off your driving record and insurance.

These are not simple parking tickets. The usual fine for parking in a handicapped spot is around $350 plus court cost of $100 or more. This could mean a total fine of up to $500. We can help and have the same no result no fee guarantee for these tickets in most areas.

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